RADM and Mrs. R.B. Abele
Dr. and Mrs. Don Ahern
Ira and Andrea Berendt
Paul and Polly Cathcart
Robert Cheney
Charles Claus
Chris and Betsy Dahlstrom
John W. Evans Jr. in memory of Ellen S. Swails
Mrs. Berkeley Grimball in honor of Lawton Grimball
Roy and Carol Hawkins
Bette Helgesen in memory of Bob Helgesen
Hoffman & Hoffman, CPA, P.A.
Rebecca H. Kerr in memory of John J. Kerr
Best Friends Boarding
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kunes
Ben and Dot McGuckin in memory of our daughter, Lisa White
Charles Middleton
Urquit A. Morris Insurance Agency, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ogilvie
John and Leigh Ohlandt in honor of my beautiful sister Pamela Nelson
Terry and Ed Ritchen
Mrs. Alma E. Savedge
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon D. Schreck
Lucy Seabrook